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Micro Lab Farms provides a state of-the-art, environmentally optimized growing system for growing high quality specialty crops, specifically leaf crops, including many varieties of herbs. This will be done with the Micro Lab Farms utilizing the most recent technology in soilless, hydroponic growing technology to produce high quality cannabis. This is in response to a tremendous need that exists for superior quality, high crop yields in a completely secure and monitored growing systems environment. These benefits cannot be achieved by field growing methods.

Our Service Includes:

  • System lease or purchase
  • Shipment, installation & on-site training
  • Custom planting and harvesting schedule
  • Growing supplies, seeds, nutrients, packaging, branding and repair materials
  • On-site visits; on-call and scheduled maintenance, cleanliness (important in hydroponics) and re-supply.
  • Education (classroom and hands on training)
  • Remote monitoring and automated controls to ensure optimal growth environment nutrients, environment (PH, temperature, light) and circulation
  • Technical assistance
  • Consulting and custom grow facility design

The controlled environment of a Micro Lab Farms facility encompasses 320 square feet, and will have an annual production capability of up to four times that of outdoor growing methods for marijuana production through container farming and dramatically increasing profitability to the grower.

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