Micro Lab Results

Using the Micro Lab System has proven results providing the best environment to maximize your medical marijuana crops.


Ready to Grow:
When you receive your unit, plug in the power and water and you are ready to grow!

Grow Anywhere:
We can deliver your Micro Lab to your location.

Year Round Production: 
Maximum crop yields with year-round growing season.

Perfect Environment:
Intelligent lights giving your plants the sunlight spectrum needed for each stage of growth.

Air filtration and circulation system to control heat and exhaust.

An irrigation system that makes it easy to manage nutrients to maximize production and quality.

Guaranteed Production: 
Remove the guesswork of the environment by growing in your own Micro Lab.  

Higher Yield per acre: 
With a controlled environment and year round growing you can increase your yield.

Water Use:
By growing in a 100% controlled environment you minimize water needed for your crops.

Fertilizer Use:
Target your crops with the perfect amount of fertilizer.  No more waste!

Consistent Yield:
Stop fighting with environmental factors and take control of your yield!

Need to move?  No problem.  The Micro Lab can be moved to your new location with little or no downtime.  No more mess to clean up.

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