The Advantages Of Growing Marijuana in Shipping Container

Advantages of Growing Cannabis in Shipping Containers

Developing Shipping Containers as Cannabis Grow Rooms

Shipper containers are the backbone of global trade. Standard 40ft size, rugged steel construction and transportable anywhere by boat, rail or truck. As the world moves to reduce waste, a growing movement has come up with new applications to re-use retired shipping containers. Some estimates suggest 11 million shipping containers are unused across the globe so there is ample resource.

FEMA uses them as transportable restrooms in emergencies. They have long been a favorite for hip hotels. They are even an affordable housing solution. However, the solution that’s making the most waves is the use of shipping containers to build farms - and it’s one particular kind of farm which is hitting headlines - marijuana container farms

Shipping container-based farming systems were developed to make small-scale farming competitive in an industrial agriculture economy. The containers enable the entire growing system to be mobile, making cutting edge precision farming affordable for small farmers. Cannabis is a growth industry in the USA as more and more states push for legalization. It is estimated that by 2026 the sale of cannabis would sky-rocket, resulting in the establishment of a $50 billion marijuana industry.

Why Not Grow Marijuana Outside?

The traditional solution is to grow cannabis outdoors. Firstly this requires space which will invariably be some distance outside major towns and cities. Cannabis is a notoriously fickle plant and requires considerable attention during its growth cycles which can be labor intensive. Outdoors, of course, the farmer is dependent on favourable weather and must work hard to ensure protection from pests, molds and the worst of Mother Nature. Growing indoors gives farmers control over light, temperature and humidity. And best of all, transport costs drop as your farm can be right in the city (subject to local zoning regulations, of course)

With a controlled environment, multiple harvests per year and fewer losses, the yield for experienced indoor farmers can be enormous. But if you’re just starting out you are faced with myriad choices.

There is a direct link between the quality of your container and the quality of your marijuana. A good quality properly fitted shipping container for cannabis determines factors such as how often the plant should be watered, how much heat reaches the plant and how it affects them, how it is lit and how the air moves around the plants.

What are the advantages of growing cannabis in a converted shipping container?

Shipping containers give you freedom. First of all, you can cultivate cannabis with ease and without being judged or spied on by prying eyes. Growing cannabis outdoors requires substantial space and in many states legal restrictions make it even more difficult to find a suitable place to cultivate cannabis. Outdoor growth invariably means accepting losses through transport, theft and weather.

Shipping containers also give you freedom to choose the location of your choice. They are incredibly hardy and can be easily relocated or even stacked if you need more space for growing cannabis without the need to secure more land.

Shipping containers are more enclosed, and better-controlled environments.This is the reason they are resistant to pests, powdery mildew, and mould. Experienced farmers can also improve the potency of their growth and the clean environment of a good quality container means extraction can be done with lab-levels of cleanliness.

How do I get a shipping container to grow marijuana?

There are in essence two choices:

  1. DIY- it’s actually relatively easy to order a shipping container and have it delivered. You will have to do all the hard work yourself after this - stripping, cutting access ports, installing lighting ventilation and setting up your grow, most of which can be done without specialized equipment. This is labor intensive but it is cheaper and you will end up with a  grow exactly how you want it for your new business.
  2. Commercial supplier- there are now scores of new marijuana container farm suppliers like Micro Lab Farms who can set up and deliver a 10’, 20’ of 40’ container for marijuana. The labor costs are lower and after hooking up water and electricity you could start your grow cycle straight away!

It’s the future!

Now we have the technology to commercially grow marijuana within your very town, perhaps even on your block. Urban farming is surely the future and container farms for marijuana are the way forward in America’s hottest growth industry.


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