Building Your Own Cannabis Grow Room

Building Marijuana Grow Room in Containers

Setting up your Customize Marijuana Grow Room

Growing your own cannabis is transformative - not only do you get a continuous supply of weed, but you also develop a finer appreciation for the herb as well as the satisfaction of a job well done. And of course, it's a great hobby!

The first step in building a marijuana grow room is…. Room! You’ll need a space dedicated to growing. For an absolute beginner, a minimum of 1m² (or 3ft x 3ft)is recommended. This will accommodate a number of smaller plants or one or two well-trained ones too.

At this stage you’ll need to think about your lighting strategy. A single square metre is easily covered by most grow light arrangements. Less height is required when using fluorescents, as lights can be kept closer to plants throughout the grow, whereas HID lights will need more distance. The lights can run very hot so you’ll need to avoid potential burning and excessive heat buildup. You might want to blast your plants with a 1000W HID, but without appropriate height, this just isn’t possible.


Pretty much any room in your house will do but you should be aware of fan noise, light buzz, and odour control. For example, an oscillating fan attached to a shared wall, will drive your neighbours crazy with the noise and vibration. If your apartment is small, keeping one room full of lights could make it impossibly hot for your roomies. And if you do share your property make sure everyone knows you’re planning a marijuana grow room


An entirely light-proof grow room is absolutely necessary. Firstly because light leaking out from an intensely lit marijuana groom room isn’t discreet. Secondly, light leaking into the grow room can affect plant growth. Once your plants are on a 12-12 day/night cycle to induce flowering, light leakage can easily confuse plants and lead to growth problems.

Do a test by turning on the lights and examine closely for any light leakage in both directions. Any cracks or holes that let light out will also let light in. You should deal with the holes with light-proof tape available from hardware stores or with at least two layers of gaffer tape.

Bear in mind that electrical equipment kept in a marijuana grow room, like dehumidifiers, may have quite bright micro-LED lights, which can be just as bad for the plant damage as light leakage.


As it matures into resinous, fat buds, good cannabis starts to make its characteristic smell. Weed can easily stink out a whole room or a whole house no matter how good your extraction fan. A well-sealed grow room prevents aroma leakage

A properly sealed grow room also makes climate control easier to maintain. Temperature and humidity control systems rely on a sealed environment. A stable environment is vital to maintain optimum plant performance and also prevents bugs, vermin, or airborne fungus from entering. Young plants are intensely nutritious and can be attractive for mice- a single mouse can annihilate a crop overnight.

If you are able, investing in an air exchange system will benefit your weed and will pay off in the long run.


Healthy cannabis requires moving air so any grow room will require at least one oscillating fan. The air movement should be strong enough to ruffle all the leaves- this makes sure fresh air is available to the leaf stomata to ensure efficient gas exchange. Moving air strengthens plants; stems and stalks become thicker and more robust, and end yields will be higher.


If you have the budget for venting your cannabis grow room, an air exchange system will stimulate better growth. With a higher budget still, installing a carbon filter into the exhaust system will control any odor.

Bear in mind vents will require holes which means pest and light access so plan carefully.

Recommended System capacity of an exhaust fan is dictated by the volume of the weed grow room ie Length × width × height In general always go up a size to ensure air movement is effective and to accommodate any future increase in the size or scale of your grow.


You’ll need to ensure humidity and temperature are manageable.

Humidity is easily controlled with a dehumidifier. During vegetation, a humid and warm environment increases the rate of growth, while lower humidity and temperatures increase bud development so ensure you have a system which can work up and down.

Temperatures can be controlled with small, portable, AC units. Many humidifiers and heaters come with built-in thermostats and hygrometers, so they can automatically switch on and off as the environment demands.


Now that you have selected a space that meets the needs of a healthy and discreet grow, it’s time to actually assemble your grow room. There are a huge number of solutions to create a grow room at home on a budget which can be found on specialist internet forums or a simple Google search.

The vast majority can be done with little more than normal household tools, plastic sheet for shielding, angle plates and timber! Whichever method you go for, remember to include supports for the grow lights in the ceiling. If you’re working with existing walls and ceilings, be 100% absolutely certain of the location of your power outlets and wiring. Even if you own your own home be aware that surfaces maybe need to be repaired at some point in the future.


The final stage is to build a collection rack on the floor of your marijuana grow room. This ensures that spillover dirt, water and dead leaves can be collected easily and removed.

You simply need a frame that sits 15cm/ 6inches deep inside your grow room which is lined with the same plastic you used for the walls. This makes sure the actual floor of the room doesn’t become filthy or harbor pathogens.


This can be as little as an afternoon’s work. You will now have a room which is ready for your marijuana to thrive in!

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