The Container Farm: A New Type of Agriculture

Innovators within the produce industry are breaking the boundaries of cannabis production — by growing plants not in outdoor soil, but in recycled shipping containers. This modern twist on farming is designed to bypass some of the challenges and restrictions that 420 growers traditionally have faced, such as extreme weather, mold, pests and limited growing seasons. By overcoming these limitations, marijuana farming operations are capable of producing more hemp and medical cannabis and growing certain crops in regions that otherwise would have had to import them.

A shipping container can be placed anywhere on flat, stable ground with access to power and some water. When refurbished into shipping container farm buildings, this allows farming anywhere- deserts, ice caps, urban environments. By growing this cannabis locally, suppliers are able to cut out the long travel distances often necessary to transport these flowers to certain markets. Shorter travel distances provide numerous benefits, such as fresher product, reduced transportation costs, less waste and fewer empty shelves at markets.

Shipping Container Farm for Cannabis Growing

How to Start Your Marijuana Container Farm

Marijuana Container Farms across North America

A number of companies are scaling cannabis growers through containers to address a variety of processes, from seeding, clones, harvests, to curing and dry rooms.

It’s simple to set up systems which protect your plants. Unlike a greenhouse, shipping containers can be completely sealed against changes in weather and protected from pests and insects.

Container Farms Changing Business Models

Acquiring a container is just the start: typically the grower will also need to buy in the hardware and software used for these container farms, and perhaps even a specialist team to manage a batter of container boxes. With a single supplier like Micro Labs Farms it’s straightforward to begin and ramp up your cannabis production.

And that's alongside the benefit of being able to provide 100% trackability of the cannabis chain and bring transparency. This transforms consumers lives through education about their medical cannabis and empowering our communities in knowing where their cannabis comes from and how important the resin quality is.

Where next for these farming solutions?

Space is the place! Many suppliers like Micro Labs Farms are looking at ways to optimize water use, dehumidifers, air scrubbing recycling and run the power from solar source to take the containers off grid.

Benefits of Using Shipping Container Farms for Cannabis Production


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