Using Commercial Shipping Container Farms to Grow Marijuana

The chances are you’ve seen one before. If you live near a port you’ve probably seen them in action, stacked onto vast container ships - the core unit of global trade! But what happens to shipping containers when they’re too old to take the abuse of being bashed around in ports from New York to Adelaide? They get re-used! They become homes, hotels, pop-up food trucks, swimming pools, playgrounds… the list goes on.  People are finding creative ways to make use of retired shipping containers every day. One which is getting headlines is shipping container farming. Yes, a farm. And that includes container farming for marijuana.

Grow Marijuana in Commercial Shipping Containers

Efficient Cannabis Production in Container Farms

Medical Marijuana Growing Options

Commercial cannabis cultivation is now popular across the USA, and the range of options for growers or those interested in investing in cannabis production have broadened. With a little research, anyone interested can get involved - with options ranging from buying land for cultivation or growing indoors. One of the best solutions is commercial container farms.

As you would probably expect, most commercial grow containers aren't set up for use straight away. There is some prep work to do and some research into the product, but a little work upfront will always pay off in the long run.

Buying Your Shipping Container

There are two primary options if you decide to use a shipping container for farming. The most tempting option is to try and do this by yourself. The second is to work with an experienced supplier like Micro Lab Farms. Whichever you choose we here at Micro Lab Farms want to make sure you have the information you need to hand.

First of all the containers themselves are not new: most will be old and corroded from their previous life on the high seas. Therefore you need to source your container from an experienced reclamation firm who will fix the superficial faults like rust and holes. Many will also be able to customize the container for their customer’s needs so you’ll need to shop around.

Although containers can be placed almost anywhere with level stable ground, you will have to build access for water, air and power for your growing environment.

Many companies provide growing containers that are lined with composite materials that are impervious to mold, mildew, rot and insects—a major advantage for growers. Although the system will be sealed, ensuring moisture and insect access is tightly controlled will make your life easier later on.

Shipping a Shipping Container

Units can easily be delivered to any location. The set-up process is quick, easy, and requires limited resources. Also, they are easy to disassemble and move if your need to relocate your grow room.

The market is now mature enough for shipping containers to be easily purchased online. Most of these containers come ready to grow with features that include 60-amp electrical panels; multiple electrical outlets; standard ¾ in. water connection stub with valve shut-off; floor drains; ventilation access; easy entry-exit. Some units also have insulated building panels for extra fine temperature control, which can be very useful to house vertical hydroponic growing systems.

By using commercial containers, growers can control air temperature, water temperature, humidity levels, CO2 levels and ventilation with precision accuracy. Being entirely enclosed, these containers also keep your crop more secure and  discreet. Best of all, the container environment also helps you achieve a healthier environment. Shipping container farms are far more resilient and offer better protection than other farming options such as greenhouses.

Do Your Research

If you decide to start from scratch with a retired shipping container, do your due diligence. Hire a licensed electrician and don’t skip any corners; it could end up costing you more in the long run.

Commercial shipping containers are emerging as a safe, secure way to grow plants. Already, people have used them for many creative applications that include homes, schools, hotels, even swimming pools. With a little planning, containers can be a secure and productive farm building to grow your own medical marijuana.


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