The New and Improved Cannabis Greenhouse Model

Okay so these aren't exactly greenhouses, but if you're searching for a marijuana cannabis greenhouse, shipping containers produce quality bud like a traditional greenhouse would with even better features like automation and higher resin output. The Micro Lab Farms shipping container garden is built to be an easy operation, allowing users of all backgrounds to immediately start growing. It’s the fastest and most efficient way to launch or expand a medicinal cannabis operation, a ‘Plug & Grow’  farming solution that streamlines the start-up process and begins generating revenue in as little time as possible. 

Our  modular, stackable and mobile cannabis shipping container greenhouses are designed to maximize yield. Our farm containers  provide the optimum controlled habitats for growing medicinal marijuana or a wide range of agricultural products in controlled environments and climates. With our combination of hydroponic containers and growing room control systems you get a significantly higher yield that grows faster, and is more consistent, while being able to grow year round. It’s the ultimate marijuana grow box.

Indoor Container Farming for Cannabis Production

Start Growing in Greenhouse Farms

How Micro Lab Farms Shipping Container Cannabis Farm System Works

Inside a 40ft-shipping container, our new version of a marijuana greenhouse can fit anywhere, making them an ideal solution for individuals and communities in hostile or city environments: discreet urban farming marijuana growing systems become a reality.

Inside the shipping container, all elements of the environment, including light, humidity, and temperature, are controlled. There is no need for artificial chemical additives or fertilizers because the system can use no soil. There are never any pesticides because there are no bugs inside the grow container. It is beyond organic- it’s the world’s first medical grade cultivation environment, a surgically sealed farm in a box!

Safe and Secured Indoor Farming

Micro Lab Farms freight containers farms can save growers and distributers money by eliminating the risk of plant and resources waste such as electricity, water, and labor. Our clean, controlled environments allow large volumes quickly without significant wastage. The purified environments inside containers eliminates the need for pesticides or chemical processes, which makes it easier and cheaper for food companies to grow their own organic produce.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, roughly a third of food produced for human consumption is lost either through pesticides, bad weather, transportation, and various other factors.Put simply, container farming can save the grower money by eliminating the risk of most of this list.

The plant shipping container is a sealed system – eliminating the need for pesticides, herbicides, and additives commonly required on cannabis farms. The purified environment eradicates any chance of cross contamination, unwanted pollination, or impurities like those that caused by common mold or mite issues found in outdoor grows. When you’re cultivating high-end strains of cannabis, or any type of crop, for that matter, you want a room in which you can regulate CO2 levels, temperature, humidity levels, and minimize the danger of mold, contaminants and insects.

Within our environmentally controlled shipping container farms, hemp and marijuana production becomes predictable and reliable. And it’s so easy anyone with access to 40ft of flat level land with water and energy can take up  shipping container gardening, not to mention installing solar systems to help reduce electricity bill costs and your carbon footprint. 

Micro Lab Farm container farms allow businesses, community groups, and entrepreneurs to grow healthy, contaminant-free produce, anywhere, year-round. Contact us today to speak with a grow advisor and learn if our new generation of cannabis "greenhouses" are right for you.

Delivering the Cannabis Volume You Need

One huge benefit of using a shipping container grow is that it allows multiple harvest a year. With cannabis production this can be four or more, which at current market rates can be very lucrative.

With a shipping container "greenhouse" a.k.a container farm,, you can also grow multiple stages of cannabis (seeding, cloning, mature plants, curing) and any location . As such our system use less water, and less fertilizer, and less electricity by distributing the light properly without over heating the plants, resulting in maximum resin output.

Best of all, our fully contained “plug in and go” shipping container gardens means that you can get multiple growing cycles and produce a large amount of dispensary quality bud a year, no matter the weather. Because the crops are so well protected within this container, up to 94% of crops are of marketable quality.

Within each of our plant shipping containers, lighting is adjusted to optimise photosynthesis by mimicking sunlight, with programming to define day and night. The box also contains in-farm cameras to monitor plants in real-time, and autonomous dosing of water, nutrients and pH, which can all be controlled from your phone with a simple app- it’s really a fully automated marijuana greenhouse.

Container Farming Produce is Super Clean and Super Reliable

A Shipping container farm can be installed in just hours, so as your requirements change you can keep up that allows for businesses to easily scale. 

Our farms are “plug-and-play” (what we call “plug and grow”) and scalable, so as demand rises, adding additional containers is easy. They are stackable so even with limited space, for example in urban environments, you can create vertical farms of shipping container buildings

Best of all, being in a container optimised for travel, the whole farm is portable and can be moved anywhere via standard flatbed truck or train. Just disconnect the electrical and water supplies and it can be transported to an alternative location with minimal notice.

Our turnkey systems are entirely engineered and fabricated by us which translates into exceptional durability and quick turnaround. The process eliminates disruption and mess at your site and allows for efficient assembly. Shipping container farm  construction is portable and reconfigurable. There’s no need for reconfiguring existing space or rewiring your greenhouse for lighting. You take advantage of unmatched flexibility of design and maximum use of your space.


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