Micro Lab Farms Offers The Fastest, Most Efficient Pathway to Cultivate Cannabis

From CNBC News.

Micro Lab Farms, a premier provider of fully automated turnkey systems for rapid production of legal cannabis, hemp oil for CBD products, announced that it is offering four different units designed for specific applications. The company’s modular automated micro-farms can be fitted for cultivation, drying,
cloning or custom uses.

The Micro Lab “FlowerPod” is designed for cannabis cultivation, and is an affordable, scalable, efficient and automated system that allows a grower to be quickly up and running. The Pod features a soil-based platform and proprietary air and water filtration, along with complete environmental control. The Pod outperforms other methods of cultivation, and return on investment can be achieved in as little as 6 to 9 months.

The “ClonePod” is the perfect solution to ensure consistent growth and exact replicas of favored plants and preferred cannabinoid profiles. As a sealed eco-system, worries about plant cross pollination and contamination are eliminated. The ClonePod offers an economical and consistent method to reproduce plants in a clean, contaminant-free environment.

The “DryingPod” provides the perfect space for finishing a harvest in a humidity-controlled environment. With a clean, temperature controlled room, growers are now able to dry and cure with a precision never before available.

The “CustomPod” is designed with a grower’s specific needs in mind. The team of botanists and scientists at Micro Lab Farms can develop the perfect environment for any particular crop, or to meet any goal.

The GrowPods allow cultivation to take place year-round, any place and any time, and have been shown to produce higher yields with greater consistency than other methods of cultivation.

GrowPods are environmentally friendly, use less water, and eliminate pathogens and pesticides.

Micro Lab Farms offers financing options with a minimum down payment. With reduced labor costs and no TI’s or construction needed, Micro Lab Farms provides a quick and cost-effective method to help a business get established and rapidly start growing.

To learn more about the Cannabis Grow Container Pods from Micro Lab Farms, call: 800-320-0761, or visit: www.microlabfarms.com.